Hold or Die

Hold or Die (HOD) is the first token where the sell tax depends on the hold time.

Contract: 0x5bb98444eff7e0bfe0506b6120cbd080ceb01553


No whales

Thanks to tokenomics it is impossible for whales to manipulate the market by buying and selling on the same day. In addition, each wallet can only hold 1% max of the tokens supply.


No bots

Bots that buy and sell quickly after market movements will fall into a trap and if they sell the liquidity goes to the holders. In this way all holders compete fairly without having to worry about bots.


No pump and dump

HOD tokenomics reward long term holders enormously. Thanks to variable tax rates by hold time the pump and dumps that occur in the tokens at the beginning are largely avoided.


Hold for win

The sell tax depends on how long you hold. If you buy again, the timer is reset again.

  • Buy: 10% tax
  • Hold 1 day: 34% sell tax
  • Hold 2 day: 32% sell tax
  • Hold 3 day: 30% sell tax
  • Hold 4 day: 26% sell tax
  • Hold 5 day: 22% sell tax
  • Hold 6 day: 18% sell tax
  • Hold 7 day or more: 10% sell tax

Auto farming

5% of all transaction fees are distributed to holders. You will see a wealth accumulation in your wallet at the minute you start holding.


2% of each transaction goes to the marketing wallet. This allowed different ad campaigns and influencers to be continuously active

Super fair launch

No presale, no private sale, no airdrop. 1% max hold per wallet.

Liquidity buyback

3% of each transaction returns to liquidity buy automatically.


Liquidity is locked in PancakeSwap, ownership of contract has been renounced and source code verified in BscScan.


 Burn adress is not excluded from reflection. This fact makes more and more tokens completely inaccessible in each transaction.

  • Total Supply100M HOD
  • PancakeSwap liquidity70%
  • Burned15%
  • Ecosystem10% (Audits, CEX listings and partners)
  • Developers and core team5%

Development and testing of the contract

June 2021

Launch website


Super fair launch


Successful launch


Get listed on CMC, CG and other sites




Start of development Android & iOS app

1250 holders

Keep improving apps


CEX and partners

Once the app is finished
Due to the new features in tokenomics that the HOD contract has compared to all the tokens to date, we have intensively tested the HOD contract on testnet for a month.
Launch of the website before launching the contract.
We have made a launch that we have called "super fair launch". The token has been launched with a maximum 1% hold and a maximum 1% transaction with respect to the total supply.
The HOD token has been launched without any incident. The tokenomics have worked correctly and the holders who have sold in the first days with up to 49% of slipage have contributed to automatically inject and block their liquidity forever. This is due to the fact that when selling the first days up to 23% of the transaction will automatically go to liquidity.
We are going to list the HOD token on different reference sites in the crypto world to increase visibility like Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.
Due to the fact that HOD has unique tokenomics and contract, we believe that it is very important to do a thorough audit of the contract.
We believe that within Binance Smart Chain there is no mobile app that clearly indicates and analyzes the movements of a wallet with graphs and statistics. Many of the mobile wallets lack these functionalities or are very poor. When HOD reaches 1250 holders we will begin to develop a native app for Android and IOS to analyze and display very useful information about wallets with BEB 20 tokens. To use this app, the wallet will have to have a number of HOD tokens to be determined. The app will be uploaded to both the Play Store and the App Store.
We will continue to improve the apps and analyze the situation of the existing tools to implement functionalities in the apps that solve problems and facilitate operations for BEB-20 token holders in Binance Smart Chain.

Once we have our app finished, we will look for the CEX that best adapt to our tokenomics and we will look for partners so that the HOD token is farmeable in our partners web sites (thanks to the ecosystem wallet)